Milwaukee, WI: More new food trucks: YellowBellies, Beef-E’s, Fry Bread N Things

Fry Bread N Things (via facebook)

By Carol Deptolla  |  JS Online

Yellow Bellies (via facebook)
Yellow Bellies
(via facebook)

New food trucks and carts are popping up like summertime flowers this year; at least three more are due on Milwaukee streets, one of which is launching today.


Look for the big, yellow food truck with a wishbone motif. That will be YellowBellies, a truck specializing in rotisserie chicken.

Michael and Siobhan Mesenbourg will debut their food truck from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday outside Milwaukee Brewing Co., 613 S. 2nd St. Both have worked in restaurants since meeting on the job 15 years ago at Rock Bottom Brewery downtown.

Siobhan Mesenbourg said the menu will always have three kinds of rotisserie chicken sandwiches, a chicken salad sandwich, and another, rotating sandwich (like steak or hamburger) that will let Michael, the chef, try something different.

YellowBellies’ signature soup will be chicken and dumpling made from scratch; a second soup will be offered some days.

Since most of the couple’s friends are vegan, Siobhan said, The truck will have a vegan chicken substitute for sandwiches, and the chicken YellowBellies uses will be organic.

Sandwiches are expected to be $6 to $8, with fries $2 and 16-ounce soups $4.

Follow the truck on Twitter for locations; YellowBellies’ website was in the works.

Beef-E's (via facebook)
(via facebook)


Eric Manke said he and friends would always stop for Italian beef sandwiches when in Chicago, and then they started making their own. Now he and business partner Dan McGuinness are poised to launch their Italian beef cart, Beef-E’s.

The menu builds on their own roast beef and house-made giardiniera, including the Classic ($6), an Italian beef with Italian sausage ($8), another that’s an Italian beef and Philly cheese steak hybrid ($8), the Bay View Beef ($6) with spicy onions and green peppers, the Stallis ($6) with ranch dressing, the Pot Roast ($6) with mashed potatoes, carrots, onions and french-fried onions, and a chicken version ($6).

Manke hopes to debut Beef-E’s in early July. The cart will be out mainly nights and weekends at first, downtown, on the east side and in Bay View. Lunch hours are expected later.

Follow Beef-E’s on Twitter for locations; the Italian beef cart is also on Facebook.

Fry Bread N Things (via facebook)
Fry Bread N Things
(via facebook)

Fry Bread N Things

It’s next to impossible to find American Indian fry bread in Milwaukee, save for annual festivals, but Chad Esser wants to change that. He’s converting a 19-passenger shuttle bus into a food truck that will serve fry bread in various forms.

He plans to launch the truck in July with his fiancée and his parents.

The truck would have fry bread in two sizes that can be topped with ground beef, lettuce, cheese and other ingredients (starting around $3), and would sell dessert versions as well, such as coated in sugar or served with chocolate or other sauces.

Esser said he learned about fry bread from his late son’s mother, who is Native American.

The truck would be downtown weekdays and around town on weekends; Esser said it will go on hiatus for the duration of the Indian Summer festival in September.

Follow Fry Bread N Things on Twitter for locations. The website was under construction.