Minn / SP New Trucks: Vellee Deli and Hola Arepa

HOLA Arepa Food Tuck

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HOLA Arepa Food Tuck

Looks like we popped out on the Bright Side of Life today, so I thought I’d take some office mates trolling for food trucks. We found two new flavor kicked ve-hicles parked on the same street.

Hola Arepa is a bright turquoise truck cooking some sassy little arepas. Arepas are a griddled cornmeal patty, kinda folded into a cradle, holding all the goods. What manner of goods, you ask? We tried three.
The fat chorizo and peppers had a bright green special sauce and pickled onions. Pulled pork, hands down favorite, came with cotija cheese, black beans, and hot green special sauce. And the pulled chicken came with black beans and pickled cabbage. All the meats were very good, hot and nicely cooked. Love the maxi-squeeze bottles full of hot and herby sauces on the ledge.
The arepas themselves with fresh and pleasantly soft, a grand alternative to boring tortillas (these are vegan and gluten-free). But they are smallish, you might need two for a proper lunch.
Also, hibiscus tea and cucumber lemonade with Dixie-Cup ice bombs.

Just down the block, strolling and chomping through only one intersection, we found seconds.

Velee Deli Food Truck
Vellee Deli is a black truck with a nice big window cranking out Asian/Mexican mashups.
We ordered big, it was nice out man!
vWe tried the BBQ Bahn Mi with grilled pork, a giant bun-long pickle (as it should be) and spicy sweet sauce. The Chicken Currito was a spicy Thai curry chicken burrito: pretty simple, pretty satisfying. The BPT (bbq pork taco) brought two tacos topped with slaw and pickles, a nice flavor jam.
It took a while to get the eats, but worth the wait I think.

Both places love cash, but take credit cards as well. What with all the standing, lip smacking, and dribbling going on, it seemed like a street-side thumbs up for these two newbies.