Minneapolis, MN: Food Trucks Returning this Week, a Sure Sign of Spring

Spring showers bring food truck followers

By Joy Summers | CityPages.com

Spring showers bring food truck followers

After a balmy weekend, we can say spring fever is in full effect. After months of only a few hearty souls hitting the streets, the food trucks are slowly rolling out of their respective garages. This week is shaping up to be the first with more than one or two out and available for lunch. While it still may be a bit premature to say that winter is over, we’re ready to brave the drizzle for a few bites of the coming summer.

Here’s a quick roundup of who will be out this week.
Custom mustard topped dogs from Natedogs
Call Amy Frechette and Kari Offerdahl the girls of winter. The ladies of Fork in the Roadhave been out on the streets in their orange Crush-colored truck all winter, mainly bringing deliveries to a few lucky companies. Tuesday they’ll be back home at the St. Paul Capitol with a few lucky friends. Wednesday, they plan to hit Mears Park.

NateDogs‘ Nate Beck is another hearty Minnesotan who refuses to let a little weather get him down. Armed with Carhartt, his signature dapper ties and the low-slung mustard holster, he hasn’t let a little pesky winter keep him away from events. He’ll also be at the Capitol on Tuesday before taking his cart to Minneapolis, where he’ll set up shop at Sixth and Nicollet Wednesday and Thursday. (Friday he’s out shooting a commercial, if ever there was a street food purveyor ready for his close up, it’s this charismatic guy.)
Reuben sliders from Gastrotruck
Gastrotruckhas spent most of the winter working the catering circuit, but the owners were able to get in a few special events and a short family vacation. Now back with its signature sliders and savory soups, the truck has a full schedule of lunches this week. Tuesday it will be at Rice Park in St. Paul, Wednesday at the Capitol, Thursday at MPR/McNally Smith, and Friday at Mears Park. The food planned for tomorrow is crispy pork belly and vegan black bean sliders, a perfect lunch spot for the craven carnivores and virtuous veggies to unite.

Potter’s Pasties English savory hand pies are perfectly suited for gray days. This week they can be found Tuesday at the Capitol, Wednesday at Rice Park, Thursday at Mears Park, Friday on Grand Avenue, and Saturday in downtown St. Paul.
RA Mac Sammy’s, who made its debut at the Winter Carnival, may be the only truck undeterred by today’s rainy weather and is out on Vandalia and Charles. Follow the Twitter feed to find them this week for a batch of custom-made mac and cheese.
Inspired by the 70-degree weather this weekend, Meritage kicked off crepe season. Its stand will be out Tuesday through Friday, noon to 2 p.m.
Lobster rolls taste like summer
More Minneapolis focused, the Smack Shack’s delectable lobster stuffed delights have been available all winter long inside the 1029 Bar in Northeast Minneapolis, but it has begun taking the truck out with more regularity.  Look for it around downtown Minneapolis this week. It’s often found around Marquette Avenue and Sixth or Seventh streets.

Simply Steve’s also plans to be back this week along Marquette, likely near Eighth Street, promising Cajun turkey burgers for Tuesday.
The Twisted Sister House of Hunger, the lively crew that churns out satisfying comfort foods like its hearty Philly cheesesteak with an ample side of fries is out today at Sixth and Marquette and plans to be out all week.
Little G’s, another new truck, is serving mobile woodfire pizzas. It’s out today at Marquette and Eighth.
More are likely on the way, follow the Hot Dish on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest food truck news.