Minneapolis, MN: Sushi Fix Food Truck is Opening a Storefront

Sushi Fix continues the trend of trucks opening storefronts

By Joy Summers | CityPages.com

Sushi Fix continues the trend of trucks opening storefronts

When Sushi Fix first arrived in downtown Minneapolis, serving sushi from a food truck, there were skeptics.  Doubters were soon converted to believers, falling hard for the freshly flown-in seafood mixed with their perfectly seasoned rice. It was hard not to be pulling for the enthusiastic Billy Et, who was reaching out to customers with the fervor of a revival tent preacher. Soon that fishy love will be spreading beyond the downtown borders, as Sushi Fix moves beyond the curb and into a storefront in Wayzata Village Shoppes. It will be taking over the former Black’s Ford Eatery. We spoke with owner Billy Et about his plans.

Sushi sampler from Sushi Fix

The restaurant will only be open for dinner service, allowing the crew to continue working the truck during the day. There is room for 24 to 30 people in the dining room and another 8 to 10 seats at the sushi bar.

 With more space, they are looking forward to expanding the menu. “Of course Sushi will be our main focus,” Et says. “We want to step up the game a little more.” There will be sushi parties all around Lake Minnetonka.  “Downtown Wayzata is the perfect destination for downtown Minneapolis.”

Barring any construction delays, the new spot will be open by the end of the year or early January.
Sushi Fix
862 E. Lake St., Wayzata
612.532.0305; Sushi Fix website