Minneapolis: Smack Shack Hits the Streets on April 18

Photo: Marcus Metropolis, Flickr

By Jeremy Zoss | DowntownJournal.com

Photo: Marcus Metropolis, Flickr

DOWNTOWN – “Got the low down from the city. We can’t start until the mayor signs the new ordinance on the 18th. Look for us Monday!” That’s a Tweet from local foodie favorites the Smack Shack, signaling the return of the food truck to its now-familiar spot at First Avenue and Fourth St. N. The news comes at an especially exciting time for Smack Shack fans – the food truck’s signature lobster roll was named as one of the country’s best in the country by Bon Appetit Magazine.

A City Council committee has approved changed to the food truck ordinance that would allow them to operate in more areas of the city. The ordinance goes up for a vote by the full City Council on Friday and is expected to pass.