Mint Hill, NC: Mint Hill Ice Cream Truck Nationally Recognized

By  Derek Lacey  |  The Mint Hill Times


Karen and David Trauner started their business Stick and Cones Ice Cream to do more than the average food truck and more than the average ice cream truck.

“We created a menu that we felt would be different, we didn’t want to just be a soft-serve truck that threw on Reese’s Pieces and Oreos, we wanted to aim for something a little more eclectic,” Karen said.

They were recently recognized for that extra effort and uniqueness by and their foodie website as one of “15 Cool and Innovative Ice Cream Trucks.”

Their “Cones” truck, one of two that they own, was recognized by the website, citing its use of homemade baked goods and innovative recipes.

The truck itself was made in England specifically for soft-serve ice cream, an old tradition in England, but a fairly new one here, and the Sticks and Cones truck is the only one in the state of North Carolina.

“What sets us apart is that we’ve created these unusual sundaes,” Karen said.

Some of those sundaes are the Granny Gene sundae, which uses a homemade lemon curd, layered with the ice cream and topped with graham cracker and the Mint Hill sundae, which combines chocolate syrup and marshmallow topping with chopped up Andes mints.

Some other interesting ingredients include pistachios, pomegranate molasses and an 18-year, aged Balsamic vinegar, used to make several sundaes, and cones can be coated in a number of toppings, including peanut butter and Nutella.

Another interesting item on the menu is a Krispy Kreme, raspberry-filled donut, which is sliced in half and filled with ice cream.

In the winter, Sticks and Cones sells baked goods a la mode, including a pumpkin cobbler and a bourbon chocolate cake.

They do all kinds of events, including bar mitzvahs, weddings, birthdays, and even corporate events for Coca-Cola, Windstream, and other large companies.

Sticks and Cones can be found every Friday night from 5 to 9 pm, to the Friday food Truck Rally, in South End in Charlotte, on the corner of Camden and Park, and are one of the four founding trucks of the rally.

The recognition by the national website is just the icing on the cake–or the cherry on top of the sundae–for Karen and David.

“It’s really gratifying because it’s so precisely what we wanted to happen, we didn’t want to just throw Oreos on any old ice cream and call it a day. We set out with the intent to do something that was different and something that maybe people hadn’t seen before and create flavors and combinations that were uniquely ours,” Karen said. “You can’t even imagine how much fun it is to do this for your business. Everybody loves ice cream, it’s so much fun.”