Monroe County, NY: Mobile Concession Stand Serving Food On Irondequoit Bay

By Rose Eiklor  |


Serving food around Irondequoit Bay isn’t a novelty.

“It fills a void on the bay. There hasn’t been a boat on the bay for six to eight years,” said Bob Saversky.

Serving food on the bay is.

Docked at Sutter’s Marina, Pa’s On the Bay is a new mobile concession stand that replaces “take out” with “take to.” The boat serves food to boaters hot off the grill.

“We have one of the best burgers around, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, salads, drinks, and of course we have ice cream,” said Saveresky, co-owner of Pa’s On the Bay.

Boasting aside, customers say having this service out on the water is very convenient.

“It’ll going to be very beneficial. You know, everybody will be able to enjoy their boats more. Instead of actually having to dock, and find a place to stop, and get off. You know, it takes time,” said Josh Schoonmaker, from Ontario, Wayne County.

Pa’s On the Bay will be open weekends from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Owners claim they will not be hard to find.

“I think you’ll see that people notice we come by the same time every day, 3 o clock, and if they want something earlier, by all means, they can call us,” said Steve Sercu, co-owner.

“We’re always looking for it because we are looking for things to add to the menu,” said Saveresky.

Pa’s owners say they will be updating their location on Facebook and Twitter throughout the day.

“A bad day at work here is still a good day,” said Sercu.

Owners say they plan to be open every weekend through Labor Day.