Monroe, LA: Food Trucks Got their Own Day at the RiverMarket

By Jeané Franseen  |


Monroe– The RiverMarket was the place to be for good food this afternoon. The Food Truck Festival cooked up a storm in downtown Monroe.

Several residents came out to sample different types of Louisiana cuisine, ranging from crawfish to cajun fries.
Along with food trucks, tents were set up with various items ranging from clothing to skin care products.
Organizers say the event gives residents the chance to learn more about the Twin Cities’ restaurants on wheels.
They say food trucks help bring more money into the local economy.
“It’s good for the food trucks. They are all businesses, and they contribute to our economy and our city,” says Myra Gatling-Akers, RiverMarket Grand Juror.

Entertainment for the event included live music and even a guinea pig race.
Next week’s RiverMarket is catered to the ladies.

it is set to include a fashion show.