Montreal, CAN: Food Truck Review – Winneburger

By Daniel  |   The Main


Call it what you want, but the food truck revolution in Montreal has made the Food & Drink team very happy campers. And regardless of whether you’ve had good or bad experiences– we believe that that sentiment is unanimous among citizens of this incredible city, who hastily flocked to the mobile kitchens just about everywhere they went.

Despite the damage done to our calorie count during the 2nd annual Burger Week in MTL, we felt that we couldn’t simply miss out on Nouveau Palais’Winneburger. Having taken its name from its gastronomic home– a Winnebago– this meal-on-wheels is what we’re proud to call the real deal.


The brilliant concept behind Nouveau Palais comes through again with their food truck. Rather than trying to complicate matters, the Winneburger crew kept things simple and stuck to the script that has brought them commendable success.

As per the food truck norm, the cheeseburger is smaller than the original, but still packs the usual flavours we’ve come to love. Believe it or not, the burger can fit in the palm of your hand… but don’t let its size fool you. The old saying goes, “Big things come in small packages,” and it surely applies here. The fresh poppy-seed Kaiser bun was barely toasted, leaving it light and squishy in each bite. The deliciously seasoned patty was smothered in cheese, and loosely topped with a slice of tomato, some lettuce and raw onions.


As you can see for yourself, it’s a pretty sight to look at. And most importantly, it’s fairly priced for what you get. Remember, we’re talking about quality, not quantity. The taste is what matters, and it doesn’t need to be stacked six feet high to satisfy.

With just seven items to choose from– three of which are beverages– the menu is very straightforward. There was never any doubt about what we’d order… next time though, we’ll be sure to make it a double. And take a ½ and ½ while you’re at it. Even Arnold Palmer would be envious of this mix.

All in all, a perfect little snack or lunch combo. We can’t wait until it rolls around again and greet the friendly staff riding around in the red and yellow crown on its back.