Move Over Caterers, Make Way For Food Trucks

Carrillo's Food Truck

by Katie Sweeney |

Carrillo's Food Truck

The food truck craze first took the nation by storm in 2009, and now, two years later, it shows no signs of stopping. In fact, as the world is introduced to more and more specialty food trucks (think beyond tacos to grilled cheese sandwiches and cupcakes), the trend is evolving.

The latest role of the food truck is that of party caterer. Instead of hiring a caterer to do all the cooking for a birthday party, engagement dinner, or anniversary, many people are letting food trucks do the work. It’s hassle-free and you won’t end up with any dirty dishes to clean at the end of the evening!

I was at a 30th birthday on Saturday, and they had a popular taco truck cater. The hosts rented the truck for the night, so guests didn’t have to worry about paying for their orders. If you’re considering hiring a food truck to cater your next event, read on for my pointers.

  • Select a truck that serves a variety of food, so all of your guests’ dietary needs will be met. Got a large amount of vegetarian friends? Then don’t hire a truck that only serves meat dishes.
  • Speak with the truck owners beforehand. Let them know how many people will be attending and what sort of dishes you want the truck to serve. Discuss costs and method of payments. These are things you don’t want to have to worry about while hosting a party.
  • Pick up some orange traffic cones from a hardware supply store and mark off a spot for the truck to park near your house the morning of the party.
  • Warn neighbors that a food truck will be opening up shop. Let them know the hours of the party, and if you’re friendly with them, invite them to stop by for a snack!
  • Set up a dining area in the front of the truck. Place tables and chairs, along with garbage cans and recycling bins, close by. Guests can grab some grub then pull up a chair.
  • Make sure your guests come hungry, so the truck will get enough traffic.

Have you been to a party where the food was done by a truck?