Tonight: Napa Council to Discuss Food Trucks

Napa Valley Food Truck Garthering.....

By Staff |

Napa Valley Food Truck Garthering.....

The Napa City Council will discuss food trucks when it meets at 6:30 p.m. tonight at City Hall.

With food trucks surging in popularity here as well as throughout the Bay Area, the council is being asked to decide how the city should regulate them.

The Napa Chamber of Commerce is asking the city to create a task force of interested parties to create new standards for food trucks on private and public property.

Last winter, Napa had begun issuing use permits to the 14 food trucks in operation within the city limits, but the chamber said the city needs more up-to-date standards.

City staff agrees that the city need to review its food truck policies, and suggests that this happen this summer.

In the meantime, food trucks would be able to continue to operate as they are now, with the city monitoring them on a complaint-only basis, staff is recommending.

The issue of issuing use permits to individual food trucks is separate from the city’s decision last month to require sponsors of the monthly Food Truck Friday event in the Oxbow to get a city permit.

The city wants to make sure that Food Truck Fridays meets various safety and handicapped access requirements.