Napa: Let Foodies Get Their Fix at Food Truck Friday

By S.A. Simoneau

On the first Friday of every month there is an event called “Food Truck Friday” held at 728 First St., the location of Dim Sum Charlie’s. Around 10 gourmet food trucks from Napa and Sonoma counties gather and serve locals and visitors. The event has been successful for five months without any major issues. The entire Oxbow Public Market and Gott’s Burgers have backed this event to encourage people to “cross the tracks” to the east side of downtown Napa and support neighborhood businesses. It is improving and evolving each time, becoming a social hit.

Now the city of Napa, the very town that banned indoor club dancing without a dancing permit, has decided that this event warrants their supervision and regulation. Permits are fine, they assure a safe environment for the public (as well as a nice bonus for the city of Napa). The health department cleared all of the food trucks, the fire department said the fire pit isn’t dangerous, no alcohol is sold at the event (diners bring their own beverages), ADA restrooms are open at Oxbow and Gott’s, extra trash and recycling bins have been provided, and everyone has a great time.

Napa needs these types of events to thrive. Andrew Siegal and Clayton Lewis, business partners of Dim Sum Charlie’s, have created something awesome and special. If you’ve attended Food Truck Friday then you know what it’s about. If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on one of the best family-friendly things this town has seen in a long time. Support Andrew and Clayton in what they are trying to do for Napa. Attend Food Truck Friday; the next one is April 1. Tell your friends about it. If you really like it then send an e-mail or letter to city officials letting them know you support it. If you don’t enjoy it or don’t support it, then stay home on Friday. Let those of us who love it get our foodie fix.