Narragansett, RI: Yet Another Food Truck – Clam Jammers

By Will Janover |

What with Mama Kim’s, Mijos, Plouf Plouf, and various other trucks clogging the sidewalk outside of Metcalf, it may be hard to believe the food truck bubble hasn’t burst on Thayer Street yet. Nevertheless, yet another one has opened for business. Starting this past Tuesday night, the Narragansett restaurant Clam Jammers has been operating a food truck on the corner of Thayer and Waterman. If not for grey-eyed/clouded Athena, they would’ve been around more this week, but the truck’s operators promise we’ll be seeing more of them in the future.

One might be skeptical of the preposterously out-of-season menu of half and whole clam rolls, lobster rolls, “stuffies” – these are stuffed quahogs, right? – fish & chips, and more, but Clam Jammers delivers. Its clam roll ($10, $5 for half) offers a healthy (?) portion of freshly-fried clams with tartar sauce and lettuce on a gently-toasted, not-so-gently-buttered roll. Great with a little bit of vinegar.

Maybe it was just because today felt like summer compared to the early taste of winter we got on Wednesday, but something about thevaguely Moxie-reminiscent logo of Clam Jammers just seemed inviting this afternoon, and the truck boasted a respectable line at 1:00 pm. This truck could pick up some of the slack from the long lines at Mama Kim’s because, unlike Plouf Plouf, it promises a pretty quick turnaround time on your order. Don’t let your association of fried clams with summer fool you – Clam Jammers is a welcome addition to the Thayer Street food truck culture.