Nashville, TN: Food Truck Festival Brings Food Diversity to Nashville

By Veronica Prigmore  |  MTSU Sidelines

On Saturday evening, November 10, Nashville’s Food Truck Festival commenced near the famous pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville– with food trucks not like ones patrons would normally see at other festivals.

The event had a diverse selection of mouth-watering dishes such as lobster, Syrian cuisine and even Ramen noodles. The food truck festival had plenty of food for everybody including vegan dishes. Even picky eaters had a chance to find delicious food to fit their needs.

The event was pet friendly, and families brought their furry friends along to enjoy the food truck experience. The evening offered live music, games, arts, and appearances from unique vendors.

The aroma of freshly fried foods lured customers to Red’s 615 Kitchen. The food truck had all the southern staples such as fried catfish, Nashville hot chicken sandwiches, fried green tomatoes and flavored chicken tenders. Red’s 615 Kitchen had foods similar to what a grandmother would cook for a traditional southern Sunday dinner.

Lovers of all things sweet made their way to the Peach Cobbler Factory food truck. With 12 original delicious flavors, the Peach Cobbler Factory is a spot where everyone can satisfy their cravings. Flavors include caramel apple, peach, blackberry and more. The Peach Cobbler Factory also offered mouth-watering cinnamon rolls and banana pudding.

Most of the food trucks had creative paint jobs, but the Boom Bop Burrito truck stood out the most.  A credit to its name, the food truck was shaped like a boombox. Different types of sushi burritos were on the menu.

The festival did not only have food trucks, but also showcased plenty of unique vendors and pop-up shops. Several vendors had products that were environmentally-friendly.

At Ebb and Wanda’s table, buyers bought laundry powders made with all-natural ingredients. The creator of the product informed buyers that normal detergents leave soap residue on clothing, even after a full wash cycle. Most detergents have harmful chemicals that negatively affect the environment. Ebb and Wanda’s laundry powder does not leave a soapy residue, and offers natural scents of lavender and sweet orange. The laundry powder lists every ingredient on the back, and is biodegradable.

Curious buyers were able to taste honey samples from Tennessee Artisan Honey wholesale. The samples were one bite-full of sweet explosions of honey goodness. Buyers had the option to choose original flavors of sourwood, Tennessee mountain, and dark wildflower. The owner Carol Hagen said, “The longer the honey stays in the hive, the richer and darker it gets.” The honey is only found in Tennessee and North Carolina areas.

Patrons left the festival with new friends, full stomachs, and excitement to try all the food trucks that Nashville has to offer.