Nashville, TN: Nashville Street Food Awards Results — You Shoulda Been There

By Chris Chambelain  |  Nashville Scene


Hundreds of Nashville mobile food fans descended on Centennial Park on Saturday to take part in the Nashville Street Food Awards. Twenty-plus food trucks surrounded the edge of the park in the same footprint as the weekly Musicians Corner site to feed the masses and compete in 10 competitive categories.

Mayor Karl Dean dropped by for a visit and to praise our local food trucks from the festival stage, which also featured live musical entertainment all day long. He was definitely plugged in to the challenges that faced our booming truck culture during the formative years and was quite complimentary of the work of the vendors.

B.J. Lofback of Riffs Fine Street Food was one of the organizers of the event, and he looked wearily around the assemblage after what had obviously been a long hard day of work. “Sometimes I worry that the truck scene has plateaued here in Nashville, but then I see a crowd like this and all these trucks, and just, wow …”

Wow, indeed. Three groups of judges tasted blind entries in several categories, and each shift waddled away from the table having sampled up to 60 or 70 small bites over a two-hour shift. The creativity demonstrated by the mobile chefs was quite remarkable, especially considering they were all in the middle of serving lines of customers at the same time.

The coveted “People’s Choice” award was won by Crepe Diem, with The Pita Pit and Riffs coming in second and third. Patrons voted by putting a dollar in a bucket in front of each truck, with the proceeds going to support Musicians Corner. Here are the rest of the winners, as determined by the august panels of judges (including our lucky Bites representative):

1. Bradley’s Curbside Creamery
2. Crepe a Diem
3. Hoss’ Loaded Burgers

1. Riffs Fine Street Food
2. Deg Thai
3. Sum Yum Yum

1. Crepe a Diem
2. Tie — Riffs Fine Street Food & The Grilled Cheeserie
3. Two Guys in a Lunchbox

1. Riffs Fine Street Food
2. Pita Pit
3. The Grilled Cheeserie

1. The Mobile Chef
2. Smokin Thighs
3. Riffs Fine Street Food

1. Julia’s Bakery
2. Pita Pit
3. Delta Bound

1. The Grilled Cheeserie
2. Riffs Fine Street Food
3. The Rolling Feast

1. Riffs Fine Street Food
2. The Grilled Cheeserie
3. The Rolling Feast

1. Deg Thai
2. Delta Bound
3. The Grilled Cheeserie

1. Julia’s Bakery
2. Delta Bound
3. Bradley’s Curbside Creamery

BEST OF THE BEST (Determined by giving 3 points for each 1st place, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd in the individual categories)
1st Place – Riffs Fine Street Food
2nd Place – Grilled Cheeserie
3rd Place – TIE Bradley’s Curbside Creamery and Julia’s Sweet’s Truck

Don’t miss out on this event next year, Bitesters! And if you’re called upon to be a judge, don’t eat breakfast or lunch.