National News: Cloud Microsoft peddles cloud-based POS for food trucks in Indonesia

By Asia Cloud Forum Editors  |  Network Asia


Microsoft and application developer Phire Studio have collaborated to launch a cloud-based management system combining the features of a cash register and Point of Sale (POS) system in Indonesia.

The system, named EvolvePOS, is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and was first demonstrated at the Bandung Food Truck Festival (BFTF) 2015 held in February this year.

EvolvePOS is a cloud-based system built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. Transactional data is stored and the cloud and the system can be run on tablets with Windows 8.1 installed.

EvolvePOS promotes several benefits for customers:

  • Affordability and scalability due to not having to invest in infrastructure
  • Real-time customer purchasing information to map buying trends so businesses can better manage resources
  • Security and privacy due to Microsoft’s commitment to building a trusted a cloud

“In a fast-paced food truck business, EvolvePOS is a sophisticated solution that is portable yet affordable. A traditional cash register system can cost up to Rp20,000,000 (US$1,514), but EvolvePOS can be deployed at just 15% of the cost with a Windows 8.1 tablet,” said  Brian Moniaga of Sadewa Steak, one of the food truck operators participating at BFTF 2015.  “The application also provides us with data and insights which enable us to manage our operations more effectively and efficiently.”