National News: Four Triangle Food Trucks Featured in New Book

By  Lisa Sorg  |   Indy Week


In The Southern Food Truck Cookbook (Nelson Books, 260 pages), Heather Donahoe roams below the Mason-Dixon Line, where she seeks out not haute cuisine for the white tablecloth crowd, but innovative street food for those of us who feel more at home using paper napkins.

While the Triangle boasts dozens of food trucks—and Donahoe, preparing for an influx of angry emails, acknowledges this is a sampling, not a comprehensive list—four make the cut: Triangle Raw Foods, Chirba Chirba, Porchetta and Big Mike’s BBQ.

In addition to brief personal stories about the chefs—many of them, having left unsatisfying jobs, are on their second careers—Donahoe provides recommendations and recipes.

(If you think your kitchen is small, try cooking TRF pad Thai, Chirba Chive dumplings, basil pork sausage and blue cheese cole slaw within the coffin-like confines of a food truck.)

This is a handy tome for a road trip: The Boka Taco truck in Richmond, Va., serves a Asian-Mexican menu. However, having just returned from the culinary-challenged Nova Scotia, I am skeptical of French Indo-Canada, described as poutine meets bahn, in Louisville, Ky. And if you find yourself stranded with a flat tire in Little Rock, Ark., the chipotle-pineapple black bean quesadilla will tide you over until the tow truck arrives.