National News: Gourmet Meals On Wheels

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Video Link :  Gourmet Meals On Wheels

One of the hottest trends in dining is on wheels.

Food trucks are becoming an increasingly popular family dining option.

Although the fast food prices are comparable to restaurants, the “good stuff,” the gourmet fare, is cheaper.

“The quality is much better than at your standard family restaurant,” notes food truck fan Ashleigh Walters.

The food truck started as a mobile canteen then was taken over by young chefs who couldn’t afford brick and mortar restaurants.

Now, across the country, people see the food truck as an alternative to pricey white tablecloth restaurants.

Vendors are taking notice to how popular food trucks are becoming among families and they’re adjusting their marketing strategy to these customers.

David Stuck runs “The Tin Kitchen”.

He says food truck vendors typically rent commercial kitchen space, not retail space, so they can keep costs down and pass on lower prices to customers.

“You’re looking at less than $10 for a full meal, that includes the tax,” Stuck points out.

That’s a formula that speaks to families like the Walters.