National News: Tips on your Mobile Kitchen Menu Selection

Sandwich provided by Lil Dan's Gourmet Food Truck in Philadelphia, PA

By STAFF | Mobile Kitchen Designs

Sandwich provided by Lil Dan’s Gourmet Food Truck in Philadelphia, PA

Helpful tips on your mobile kitchen menu selection to maximize profit:

Offer items that other mobile kitchens do not serve. Study there menu and determine unique items that the public would enjoy.

Making a unique menu will add value to your business. Having a couple of items that are unique will allow you to get into events and festivals easier and will draw buyers to your trailer. There can only be so many hot dog trailers, therefore it limits your profit making abilities between all the available hot dog trailers.

Offer items that are in demand and profitable.

Profitable items are products that are low cost and easy to make. Items that everyone wants, like lemonade and water. Make sure you have plenty on hand at the event, while others run out you will be able to make more profit.

Offer items that can be consumed both at lunch time and dinner time.

To be profitable you need items that will sell all day. Be versatile and have items that can be served for lunch as well as a diner time meal.  Seasonal products are great and will sell great because they are scarce.

Offer items that are easy to store and reuse.

You only have so much room to store food so make the most out of your food. Plan your menu items together, if you are using a certain veggie use it again in another food so you can minimize wasting.

Offer items that have a quick prep time.

When the word spreads about your amazing food, you need to be prepared for the masses. Your prep time to produce the meal must be quick so your line is short. Even though the food is amazing people will overlook your mobile kitchen if the line exceeds a reasonable time limit.

We hope these mobile kitchen menu tips will help you effectively plan your food selection. Please call Mobile Kitchen Designs directly if you have any questions or need further assistance, (888) 774-6961.