New Braunfels, TX: First Mobile Food Truck Court in New Braunfels Opens for Business

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The first mobile food truck in New Braunfels is now officially open for business.  Moose’s Food Truck Court, off of Hwy 46 South, one mile from I-35, is now fully operational, with several railroad-like box-cars serving as the main drink and bar area, as well as air-conditioned restrooms.

The rest of the area is left open for mobile food trucks who want to sell their culinary creations.

Mike and Theresa Mauricio think New Braunfels is a great place to host such a trendy thing as an outdoor food court. Although they are co-owners, the place is named after Mike (who goes by Moose to his friends).

And he tells KGNB that the food court idea actually began for them a couple of years ago, but the rough economy left him sitting on the land a lot longer than planned.

Moose’s features a wooden stage built among the boxcars and patio area, and they are opening it up to community performers.


As for food, so far, Ryan and Rick Stewart with Alere Bistro are the only food truck on site, offering up menu items like grilled and breaded chicken sandwiches, a French dip sandwich complete with au jus, a 5-cheese and chipotle macaroni, grilled asparagus, and sweet potato fries.

On weekdays, you can find Executive Chef Ryan Stewart inside his mobile bistro starting at 4 in the afternoon.


As for now, Moose’s Food Truck Court is pretty tame and quiet, but the Mauricio’s say they have big plans for their new business venture.

They have already hosted a weekend Farmer’s Market and they’re currently looking for more vendors.

And they say they are expecting a second food truck to move in soon. Moose’s Food Court is in the 11-hundred block of Hwy 46 South, across from Stonegate Drive.