New Delhi Express Food Truck is Definitely New

Wednesday was cold ‘n rainy, so naturally I had to warm the soul with my favorite cuisine of all – Indian – from the New Delhi Express Food Truck. I’d been waiting for it to launch for quite some time – ok fine, it was like 4 weeks, but 4 REALLY LONG ones – and while not everything I tried was as good as I hoped for, I did find a few new gems.

The Grubdown:

– thick ‘n creamy, buttery, spicy but not enough tang Chicken Tikka Masala Meal with garlicky, pillowey Naan ($8)

– spicy and a little fatty Tandoori Chicken marinated overnight in Yogurt Masala ($2.50 each)

– really incredible, super tender ‘n juicy, like frankincense & myrrh Kabob Roll with Rice, Special Homemade Sauce & Fresh Sliced Onions wrapped in Naan ($4)


As I said before, Indian food is one of my favorites, so I tend to be very picky.

Unfortunately, the Chicken Tikka Masala is not up to par. While it’s creamy ‘n buttery with some spice, there’s not enough tangy, tomatoey Curry flavor to keep you wanting to go back for more – not to mention the Chicken is tough and overcooked. The Rice is tri-colored in white, yellow & orange, the Garlicky Naan is fluffy-to-die-for, and the minty Yogurt Sauce is more like Chilled Lemon Soup.

The Tandoori is tender, spicy, smokey, meaty, and a little fatty.

But, it’s really the unexpected Kabob Roll that steals the Bollywood show. First of all, I had yet to see a Kabob on an Indian food truck’s menu, so of course I had to try it. The same fluffy Naan from the Chicken Tikka Meal – so tender it falls apart in your hands – is used to wrap up the Frankincense & Myrrh, Cinnamon & Cardamom-spiced Meatball. The Meat is so juicy it equally falls apart too. And the crunch of the Sliced Onions help balance out the overall pillowey magic carpet ride in your mouth.

Definitely give the Kabob Roll a whirl. And the pyramid-shaped Samosas – kind of in the same shape as Ta Bom truck’s Coxinha Croquette – look heavenly too.

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