New Food Trend: Food Trucks

The Taco Bus in Tampa


The Taco Bus in Tampa

There seems to be a new food trend popping up everywhere… food trucks!  I am definitely on board with this trend! Not only is it fast and convenient, but most of the time you will find better food than you would at a restaurant.  Plus, in a restaurant you will usually pay double the price simply because of the atmosphere.  Here in Tampa we have an amazing food truck called the Taco Bus.

On my way home from work every day, I pass the Taco Bus. A lot of my friends have been there before and absolutely loved it, but I have never been. So on my way home yesterday I decided to stop by for a quick snack.

Before leaving work, I searched on the Taco Bus’s website to make sure they were open (I found out they are open 24/7!) when I was pleasantly surprised by something. The Taco Bus was having a Vegan Taco Recipe Contest. The winners and recipes were announced on the homepage of the website, and the grand prize winner received a trip to Cancun, Mexico. The Taco Bus menu already has a large vegetarian section, hopefully they will add some of the top winners of the vegan taco contest to their menu as well!

When I arrived there were already 5 people in line, so I knew it must be good. I didn’t mind waiting because I knew the food was cooked fresh! If I wanted my food one minute after I ordered it, I would have gone to Taco Bell.  I ordered a soft chicken taco.  When my food arrived it didn’t look like anything special, it was seasoned chicken topped with tomatoes, onions, and cilantro all wrapped in a soft corn tortilla. Then I took a bite…Wow! I was amazed at the high quality of ingredients they were serving from a bus. It was a pretty amazing taco. I only ordered one taco, but now I know to order at least two next time!

Although I was ordering my meal from a food bus, I was surprised to see that there was a quaint little outdoor eating area. There were decorations hanging all around the tables and because the food was so authentic and so was the atmosphere, it made me feel like I was in Mexico. While enjoying my meal and the food bus atmosphere, I started thinking about what other food buses or food trucks are around that I can go to. is hosting a summer series of Food Truck Bazaar’s in Orlando, Florida. On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sundays of June, July, and August, there will be a Food Truck Bazaar in three different Orlando locations. The first location is at the Oviedo Mall, then it moves to the Fashion Square Mall, and then it goes to the Parliament House. They definitely have something for everyone! They offer all types of food such as American, Hispanic, Korean, Caribbean, BBQ, and seafood. They also offer vegan and organic food, and desserts from ice cream to cupcakes to fried oreos.

The Food Truck Bazaar in Orlando has so many food trucks to choose from. Here is a list of the food trucks that will be there: Big Wheel Provisions Truck, The Brisket Bus, The Crooked Spoon, Chimi King, Comida Latina, CK Jerk Shack Island BBQ, El Sabor De La Vida Tacos, Firehouse BBQ, Korean BBQ Taco Box, Kuko Christian Food Truck, Mobile Deli, One Love Kitchen, Red Eye BBQ, El Nuevo Tun Tun, The Pelao, El Taco Loco, Mama’s Fixin’s, Pinones En Orlando, Pupusas, Shipyard Brewery, The Taco Lady, The Travelling Gourmet, Treehouse Truck, Vegan Hot Dog Cart, The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, We All Scream Vegan Ice Cream Cart, & The Winter Park Fish Company.

So if you’re in Orlando for the summer, try and stop by one of the days the Food Truck Bazaar is going on. If you arrive hungry, I’m sure you’ll leave happy!