New York, NY: Palenque Food Truck

Palenque Truck FourSquare

By Shauny Lamba |

Palenque Truck FourSquare
Palenque Truck

Organic & Eco-Friendly Colombian Cuisine

Joonbug’s taste buds were awakened with diverse flavors from the only Colombian style food truck in NYC,Palenque! This food truck, specializing in arepas, is back in action after taking some time off over the winter.

What makes a Colombian arepa different than the more common Venezuelan ones you might ask? Venezuelan arepas have more of a sandwich look to them and are filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables whereas a Colombian arepa is open-faced and topped with the selected ingredients.

The menu at Palenque has a pretty diverse selection to choose from and all the ingredients are eco-friendly and organic. While the menu doesn’t seem like traditional Colombian food, there is an authentic charm to it. Perhaps that’s because of the Colombian owners, Viviana Lewis and Nina Sierra. Plus their sauces are homemade and taste amazing. When we visited the truck last week, we decided to change things up and order a brown rice sesame arepa instead of the original corn. We also decided to go vegetarian and try the seitan topping, but if that’s not your thing there are plenty of meat options as well. We have to say though, we are pretty glad we got out of our comfort zones and tried something new. We might be going back for round 2 tomorrow.

Check out there schedule here to find out where they’ll be next!

For a peek at the Palenque menu before you track down the truck, see the image below!

The Palenque Menu
The Palenque Menu