NYC: Gourmet On-the-Go

photo by Daniel Avila

By Gennarose Pope |

photo by Daniel Avila

Celebrate New York’s food truck culture with a weekend-full of tasty festivals

The New York food truck business is absolutely booming nowadays. This is not your great-great grandmother’s Civil War-era chuckwagon or Central Park dirty water hot dog vendor (we love them too, but there’s a time and a place!).

With the warm weather still upon us, you won’t mind waiting in the occasional outdoor line for your next meal. It’s a good thing too, because, beyond the trucks that appear outside your office daily, September is the go-to month for food truck events.

The Staten Island Foodie Truck-athon is being held at the St. George Esplanade this Saturday, September 17th, from 11am-5pm in celebration of the borough’s 350th birthday. Here fourteen of New York’s finest vendors will converge, offering a plethora of snacks and meals from lobster to cupcakes to souvlaki.  Entrance to the festival is free of charge.

If you can’t make it on Saturday, Prospect Park is holding its second-to-last, every-third-Sunday Food Truck Rally from 11am to 5pm on September 18th, and again on Sunday, October 16th. Here you’ll be able to sample fresh, excellent food from sixteen trucks (many of the same from the Truck-athon).  Event organizers will also be raffling off an iPad.

And, of course, you won’t want to miss the 7th Annual Vendy Awards that you may have read about earlier this week.

Food trucks embody the spirit of the American dream, stimulate the economy and keep New Yorkers healthy and affordably well-fed. If you love what you eat this weekend, check out the NYC Food Truck Association’s webpage and sign the petition to keep this invaluable mobile-food culture alive and well.