NYC: Hundreds Line Up to Taste Food Trucks in Manhattan

By Lindsey Elliott |

Manhattan – The lines were long.

“Wow, it’s pretty big, crowded,” Barbara Souza said as she approached City Park in Manhattan. “It took us awhile to find a space.”

The excitement was contagious.

“We’re excited,” Manhattan resident Lacey Bonnie said. “We feel like we picked the right line.”

“Everything at Hodge Podge truck is now 99 cents,” one of the Hodge Podge workers announced from the top of his truck.

Lacey Bonnie happened to be standing in that line. She was one of hundreds of Manhattan citizens who chased down the food trucks Saturday. The five trucks are spending the weekend in the Little Apple as part of the Food Network’s show The Great Food Truck Race.

“We are just out searching for all the food trucks to try some new food and see all the excitement,” Bonnie said.

Some were looking for a specific truck.

“We really wanted to try the vegan,” Barbie Anderson said as she waited in line for the Seabirds truck to open up for lunch. “Being a vegetarian in the middle of meat country, it’s a little tough so wanting to try some vegan food.”

Others wanted to try as many as they could.

“My husband’s in another line,” Bonnie said. “We’re here. We’ve teamed up with friends and we’re going to try to hit them all.”

“We watched the race last year on the Food Network so when we heard about it, my husband’s like, we’re gonna go track one of them down and get something,” Souza said. “So he’s in a line somewhere at one of the other trucks.”

Three of the trucks were located in City Park Saturday. One was in Aggieville and one truck was on the Manhattan Christian College Campus.

The food trucks will be in Manhattan all weekend.