OPRAH…..Taste Testing the Food Truck Craze

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From coast to coast, food trucks are the hottest thing going in American cuisine. To find out what the buzz is all about, Ali Wentworth heads to Santa Monica, California, to meet up with Tyler Florence—celebrity chef and host of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race.

Tyler says the secret to the food truck frenzy is simplicity. “It’s fantastic food at a price everyone wants,” he says. “And you don’t have to make reservations.”

To prove that you can get great food from a truck, Ali tries out three of the best.

San Francisco’s Spencer on the Go! food truck brings the finest French food right to the people. Using his Southern French training, chef Laurent Katgely whips up specialties like Lobster Cappuccino, escargots and sweetbreads.

Get Spencer on the Go!’s recipe for Lobster Cappuccino.

Tyler says the Flying Pig is one of his favorite food trucks in Los Angeles. Chefs Joe Kim and James Seitz are both Le Cordon Bleu–trained. “These guys know how to do it,” Tyler says.

Joe says their signature dish is pork belly, and their reputation precedes them. “All I hear about is the pork belly,” Ali says.

Get the Flying Pig’s recipe for Crunchy Tofu Tacos.

One look at Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, owners of Los Angeles’ Border Grill food truck, sends Ali skipping down memory lane. “I used to work at their restaurant,” Ali says. “My first job in L.A. was as a hostess at the Border Grill.”

Now branching out of the kitchen and into a food truck, Mary Sue and Susan use their 30 years of culinary experience to put smiles on the faces of thousands of walk-up diners each day.

Get Border Grill’s recipes for Crispy California Avocado Tacos, Peruvian Ceviche, Poblano Quesadillas and Yucatan Pork Tacos.

Watch Tyler make Ali’s schoolgirl dream come true…and how Ali pays it forward!

Ali Wentworth and chef Tyler Florence talk about the food truck craze.