Orlando, FL: Franchises & Restaurant Chains Experiment with Mobile Cafes / Food Trucks

Photo: PRWeb

By Contributor | PRWEB.com

Photo: PRWeb
Photo: PRWeb

Due to significant demand, Prestige Food Trucks of Orlando, Florida has recently expanded its operations to include small to large restaurant chains/franchises.

“Over the past two years, many small to large restaurant chains/franchises have shown significant interest in taking their brand/restaurant to the food truck industry,” stated Tracy Stein-CEO/President for Prime Pinnacle.

Mr. Stein further states the rise in popularity is because restaurant chains/franchises have begun to see the big picture in getting into the food truck business by studying, researching, and recognizing the following opportunities:

  •     Franchises can extend their brand recognition immediately and exponentially while earning loyalty from their new customers early on
  •     New locations for future Brick-And-Mortar Restaurants can be scouted out to gain important data on location and demographics for additional franchisee value and security
  •     Mobile/Roaming Billboard for Advertising/Promotions/Marketing
  •     Testing and data gathering on new menu items and concepts for mass-production
  •     Additional Profit Center

Prime Pinnacle’s research/data have shown that over 15% of the Top 200 restaurant chains have a mobile café / food truck presence. That’s a tremendously strong statement as to the value of a mobile brand extension. The trend is increasing daily as many well-known chains and franchises have already jumped into the game. These include Cousins Submarines, Inc; Tasti D-Lite Frozen Yogart; Toppers Pizza; Jack in The Box; Sizzler; Red Robin; Chick-fil-A, Star Diner;The Gap; The Habit Burger & Grill; Taco Bell; Applebee’s; Dairy Queen, Subway, Qdoba, California Pizza Kitchen, Carl’s Jr.; In-N-Out Burger, Fatburger; Grandolfo’s New York Delicatessen; Banna-Stow’s Crepes & Coffee; and more.

The restaurant industry is highly competitive and establishing and maintaining brand loyalty and recognition early is key.

The chain restaurants/franchises are aware that the cost to buy/build a food truck pales in comparison compared to opening a brick-and-mortar store, with much higher profit margins. Stein stated, “Food trucks serve as mobile billboards as well which is very enticing to the franchise/chain owners as they can spend between $50,000 – $200,000 + per month on advertising alone. With a mobile food truck their visibility increases exponentially.”

And one food truck manufacturer has begun to see the feasting begin to gain market share. “The food truck industry is here to stay and will be growing by leaps and bounds in order to keep up and meet consumer demand. With that more evident now than ever, small to large chain restaurants/franchises are jumping on board and moving their brands out into main stream and rural America,” Says Mr. Stein. “It’s an exciting thing to watch.”

Prestige Food Trucks builds, sells, buys, repairs, rehabs, finances, leases and rents premium quality food trucks/mobile cafes & trailers to a wide range of clientele from sole-proprietors to nationwide chains. Their commitment is to offer complete turnkey development to their customers, from building to branding to getting on the street.

More information about Prestige Food Trucks is available online at http://www.prestigefoodtrucks.com.