Parramatta, AU: Food Trucks Hit Parramatta

By Ms Piggy | The Adventures of Miss Piggy

A fleet of shiny brand-new food trucks rolled on the streets of Sydney last year. For the last few months they’ve been patrolling the city streets offering up tasty morsels to hungry office workers (like me) as well as helping those late-night drinkers stave off potential hangovers (not me).


But why should those city-slickers have all the fun all the time? It seems only fare that the foodtrucks venture beyond the city limits for awhile so that those of west of George Street can enjoy some of the tasty tasty fun.


During January the fleet of food trucks will hit Parramatta’s Church Street Mall (check out the schedule below).  For the next few weeks us “Westies” will be able to sample the best of roving Mexican street food, sweet treats, Charcoal BBQ, retro jaffles circa the 1980s, freshly made pasta, sliders and wonderful organic meals. Fully sic hey?


Not wanting to miss a minute of the action, The Boy and I ventured up to Church Street to see what was on offer on Friday night. It was such a great night – the council have set up tables + chairs and buskers played some tunes to keep us entertained. There were lots of families with kids out and about – and parents could enjoy a bite to eat whilst their kids played at the nearby playground.  Despite the heat we felt so relaxed and well fed – it was a really great community event.


First stop is the Agape Food Truck – a big red truck of happiness serving up a vast array of fresh, healthy and organic food that is beyond delicious! There was quite a lot of on offer so we narrowed it down to the Organic Prawn and Scallop Po’boy ($12) and the Organic Fish Tacos (2 for $12.00).  Yes, they were as good as they looked. I especially loved the crispy fish on the taco and the tartare sauce was creamy,  luscious and dotted with zesty pieces of dill + capers. These were so good I went back for seconds!


Our dining companions fell in love with the organic spelt pizza from Agape ($10.00) that was laden with  meatballs, tomato, oregano and mozzarella. And of course it’s impossible to pass on Agape’s fat, crunchy handcut chips ($8.00).


Next stop is the cuter than cuter Jafe Jaffles truck – a bright yellow Kombi Van that turns out the crispy, puffy jaffles I remember from childhood. These jaffles are perfectly retro and ooze with melty cheese and other interesting fillings.  We opted for the Goldie Corn ($6.00) – a simple filling of cheese and cream corn. One word …scrumptious!


We’re feeling kinda full by now but we feel that it is our civic duty to visit all three food trucks that in Parramatta on this night.

Tsuru Truck is out last truck for the night and it doesn’t disappoint. The steamed pork belly bun($6.00) is perfection – fat, sticky pork belly that is topped with a sweet sauce and sandwiched in a soft, pillowy steamed bun. There was also a beef bilgogi bun ($6.00) on offer which I think Korean food fans will love.  The Boy cannot go past Chicken Satay when it’s on offer (think these were $6.00) and I have to say these were really great.  The peanut sauce was thick and flavoursome but also had a little something different in it – similar to hoisin sauce…same same but different.


Ooo  what’s this – dessert? Why I don’t mind if I do.  I think the teams from Tsuru + Agape felt sorry for us as we wilted in the stifling summer heat and sent out these lovely desserts for us to try. Tsuru’s dessert was a delicious moist pandan and chocolate cake that we demolished immediately – it was quite a hit with the kids at our table.  Agape’s rich organic chocolate brownie has be tasted to be believed – a rich chocolate brownie smothered in chocolate sauce and almond praline…need I say more?


We are really lucky that Parramatta Council is embracing the food truck phenomenon and inviting them to our ‘hood.  Don’t miss out people – it’s a great initiative and a different way to experience dining in our suburb.

January schedule – trucks will be in Parramatta between 5pm – 9pm on the dates below:

Wednesday 16th – Street Sliders, My Sweet Boutique
Thursday 17th – My Sweet Boutique
Friday 18th – Jafe Jaffles
Saturday 19th – Tsuru, Al Carbon, Urban Pasta
Thursday 24th – Agape
Saturday 26th – Street Sliders, Agape

The trucks can be found outside the Parramatta Town Hall – Church Street Mall, Parramatta.  Make sure you head up on Saturday to see the wonderful Al Carbon truck…it unfolds like a HUGE transformer to reveal a world of marvelous BBQ meats and tacos. Cannot WAIT!