Part 3 of 3: Using Other Social Media Sites to Connect with Customers

By Stephanie Hawkes | for MFN

While Facebook and Twitter are the two social media sites that most truck owners and operators use to connect with customers, there are others that you should be aware of and incorporate in to your business as much as possible.

Yelp – is a website that allows people to go in and rate their experiences at many different places. Food establishments are the primary places that are rated.  Rating is done on a 5 star system and a written description is encouraged. Businesses are also allowed to comment on reviews and/or buy advertising on Yelp. It’s worth checking Yelp every now and then, just to get a feel from what your customers like or don’t like about what you are doing.

Linked In – is a website that connects professional people. Individuals can set up profiles which would include a work history. LinkedIn allows you to connect with other professionals and share information or form groups to discuss items. Linked In also allows job postings, which may be beneficial as you are growing your professional staff.

You Tube – Most people think of YouTube as a place to share family videos or to find funny commercials from other countries but it’s also a strong marketing tool. A quick search on on Dallas Food Trucks found a handful of videos on local trucks. Most were done by local media and would be great links on your Facebook page, so that new followers can see your truck in action. Also, don’t be afraid to create your own video of the food and visitors to your truck, the more people can connect to you and your food, the more likely they are to visit.

Foodspotting – is a site that allows people to post pictures as a way to rate food. Others can then vote on the picture to say whether they want to try it or they have had it and its “nom” worthy.  Foodspotting also encourages restaurant owners to participate in Foodspotting a couple of different ways; you can, of course, encourage your customers to post pictures, you can also post your own pictures and make it easy for others to vote. Finally, Foodspotting allows you to create a guide that lists many pictures, perhaps your entire menu. With the guide you can also run contests to incentivize people to try new menu items and show you the pictures when they reach certain goals.

All of these social media sites have tremendous benefit to truck owners who want to connect with their customers, peers and suppliers. At a minimum you should be checking them on a regular basis to see what people are saying or posting about you, but the potential gain of being an active participant is huge and worth the time spent to be well connected.