Pasco, WA: Columbia Basin College joins forces with Pasco Specialty Kitchen for food truck training

Food Truck Training

By Patricia Martellotti  |  KVEW-TV

Food Truck Training
Food Truck Training

Columbia Basin College is joining forces with the Pasco Specialty Kitchen for another round of Mobile Vending college courses.

If you visit any food truck in the Tri-Cities you’ll normally see a crowd waiting patiently for their lunch order.

“It’s like the new trend here in the Tri-Cities we’ve seen a lot of food trucks popping up. Since we opened up,” says owner Kai Phengsabanh of Kendra’s Wok ‘N Roll food truck.

Marilou Shea of the Pasco Specialty Kitchen says the food truck business is expanding local businesses on many levels.

“They sell to local customers, they hire local employees, and they source their food from local stores,” says Shea.

So Shea thought local chefs should be able to learn how to open their own truck if they wanted to.

She teamed up with Columbia Basin College to develop courses that provide certification to those who complete Mobile Vending University.

“They learn every thing from operations to marketing, building a truck or trailer, the licensing and permitting process, and with financing and financials,” says Shea.

Phengsabanh who will be teaching the operational class encourages anyone interested in the food truck business to sign up.

She wishes the courses were available to her when she started out.

“So we had to do all of the research ourselves, and so with this course, it will cut your time in half,” says Phengsabanh.

The Mobile Vending University winter series begins January 23rd and runs through February 20th.

For more information, please contact, Marilou Shea, 509-545-1172, or Michelle Mann, 509-542-4443,