Pawtucket, RI: Outside Food Trucks May Soon Be Legal in the City

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By Ethan Shorey |   The Valley Breeze

Food Caravan
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PAWTUCKET – You wouldn’t know it by walking by a local mill at lunchtime, but Pawtucket has a law on its books that prohibits food trucks from outside the city from coming in to sell their goods.

Local business owners and mill developers are pushing city officials to change the laws currently on the books prohibiting the popular eateries on wheels.

Len Lavoie, a member of a local developers’ group and the man behind the redevelopment of 25 mill properties in the city, told The Breeze that he and others expect the rules to change soon. According to Lavoie, many believe the ordinance prohibiting outside food trucks came about long ago “because somebody who knew somebody who happened to be in the catering business” got it passed.