Pensacola, FL: City Council to Weigh in on Local Food Trucks

By Contributor  |  Wear TV


The Pensacola City Council will also discuss regulations on food trucks tonight.

Right now there’s typically one food truck that parks at Ferdinand Plaza. Mayor Ashton Hayward wants to see more of them.

But restaurant owners are asking for regulations on food trucks that are consistent and clear.  Tonight, the city council will give their input and direction on what regulations they think are needed.

“Or somebody like food trucks to come in and have nothing invested and just kind of swoop the cream off the top, that doesn’t sit well with me.  I don’t like it.”

“More restaurants, more food trucks, more choices of food.  You get tired of the same restaurants all the time, so variety is good.” The city council will look at food truck policies from other cities before an ordinance is drafted for Pensacola.