Peoria Tells Food Trucks to Hit the Road

We find it quite ironic to see Peoria's Mayor Jim Ardin posed here in a commercial for "SHOP SMALL", which is a program where people support the "Small Businesses" in thier community.

By Josh Simon |

We find it quite ironic to see Peoria’s Mayor Jim Ardis posed here in a commercial for “SHOP SMALL”, which is a program where people support the “Small Businesses” in thier community.

PEORIA, Ill — Earlier this week the Peoria City Council voted down an ordinance that would of allowed food trucks to operate within the city limits. A local restaurant and food truck owner says it’s another case of the city not being good for business.

The owner of Meat-n-Place Jeremy Dennis already has a food truck that he uses for catering but he had hoped to expand the services by setting up shop in the parking lots of Medical complexes along Route 91 during the lunch hour but he says now he has no choice but to hit the road to other communities.

Dennis said, “It’s not going to sit empty, It’s not going to sit here in my parking lot collecting dust. There are other communities that show interest, that have a working ordinance that are strict in their own rights but not so strict that it is going to forbid me from operating in their community.”

Dennis says one of those communities he would like to take his truck to is Pekin.


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