Philadelphia, PA: Farm Truck – Food Truck, Art Gallery and Farmers Market in One

By Danya Henninger |

PA- Philly Farm Truck

A new mobile kitchen has popped up on the Philly food scene called Farm Truck. In addition to serving a menu of housemade, only-in-season food at the counter window, partners Eliot Coven and Kris Pepper are doing something novel – making use of the back of their colorful truck.

In winter, you’ll find the “Tailgate Gallery” there, showing a variety of local art for sale. Come spring and summer, that same space will be a boutique mobile farmers market, where the produce used to make Farm Truck’s sandwiches and salads will also be available for purchase.

For the past month, the truck has been posting up near the Electric Factory on 8th Street and by Philadelphia University on Henry Street. Grid has a good interview with more details here.

PA- Philly Farm Truck - 2