Philadelphia, PA: Hop on “The Busz” Food Truck!

Located on the Temple University campus in Philadelphia is the big red "BUSZ" food truck

By has begun a new series which will visit food trucks, carts & trailers throughout the U.S. & Canada.  As important as the food is, there are already dozens of foodie, truck chasing type sites that do a great job on reviewing the menu and giving their opinions on the food.  We applaud them for a job well done.  Our ongoing series will be focusing more on the business operations aspect of the truck.

The truck itself is important to be able to serve the customer quality food, efficiently and at the end, with a profit.

Located on the Temple University campus in Philadelphia is the big red "BUSZ" food truck

PHILADELPHIA, PA -While taking a quick survey of the over 20 food trucks and carts located on the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia, we had to stop and take a closer look at this enormous hybriod of a food truck!

As we got closer, we began to realize how high tech this Owner/Operator was!  We immedietly saw the 3 LCD Samsung flat screens custom installed in the side of the vehicle. The screens were showing the complete menu “The Busz” was offering the the students and faculty of Temple University.

After perusing the well throught out and clearly presented gastro-pub style offerings, my eyes focused on the Crab Cake Burger.  The burger is offered with Lettuce, Roasted Peppers, Red Onion, jalapeno & Garlic Aioli, served on a fresh brioche roll, baked daily.

The crew of The Busz food truck hard at work

While waiting for my order I spoke briefly with the owner of the truck.  he graciously allowed us to take some photos of the interior of his truck as well as the exterior.  We didn’t know where to start…. The flat screens, the clean graphics, menu holder with laminated menus?  So, we just shot it all!

The interior is outfitted by Keystone Food Trucks of Philadelphia with a full blown Point-Of-Sale system.  The technology is available at a very resonable price these days.  For Under $2000.00 you can get a basic Restaurant P.O.S. System which will simplify the order taking process.  The system can be upgraded with either a live order screen in the chefs line of vision or a printer which will spit out the orders as well.

Don't be fooled by the dated cab leading this cruise ship sized food truck. The interior is as high tech as any food truck on the streets.

Starting with the outside of the truck, we noticed the silence.  So, I knew there had to be a “coffin cased” generator somewhere around.  There it was directly under the chassis on the driver’s side.  Hardly even a whisper.  Apparently, this truck owner didn’t cut corners.

The Crab Cake Burger (single cake) was prepared fresh and well accented with the Garlic Aioli, roasted peppers and the jalapeno peppers to balance it out.

Now for the food…. Well prepared, well presented.  The Crab Cake Burger was prepared fresh and well accented with the garlic aioli, roasted peppers and the jalapeno peppers to balance it out.  It was well wrapped in a foil insulated sandwich wrap.

To sum it all up, we found a food truck that was well thought out from production to execution.

Well done all the way around…..

  1. Interior Build
  2. Graphic Wrap
  3. LCD Menu Screens
  4. Point-Of-Sale System
  5. Laminated Menus (standard takeout menus available too)
  6. Consistent Graphics onMenu & Truck
  7. Quick Service