Philadelphia, PA: Truck Stop – M.A.T.T.’s Gourmet Sliders

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The truck: If you’re a motorcyclist – or just a red-blooded American – you’ll appreciate the look of M.A.T.T.’s Gourmet Sliders, a/k/a Matt’s Food Truck. All black with chrome fenders, whitewall tires and a Harley-Davidson-style logo. We weren’t even looking for a place to eat, but this truck caught our attention a couple of weeks ago at 33rd and Market streets. Turns out, it was only its second day on the road.

The concept: Can’t go wrong with sliders. Why have one big sandwich when you can get three different ones? Truck operator Matthew Centifonti Sr., formerly of Finley Catering, said the sliders allow him to go high-end at an affordable price, rather than hit you with a $15 sandwich. “If we’re going to do sliders, I wanted to do gourmet sliders,” said Centifonti, who’s been interested in cooking since, as a 10-year-old, he watched his grandfather work the stove.

Our favorite: Their motto is “Bite-sized sandwiches jam-packed with flavor,” and that’s basically what we thought of their thin-sliced filet mignon slider called the Illadelphia. The $4.50 mini-sandwich is flash cooked and finished with a house gruyere cheese sauce. Get it wit’ . . . the onions really pull everything together.

The basic: We also enjoyed the standard $3.50 slider. The house-blended burgers are served with Irish cheddar, smoked mozzarella or gruyere cheese sauce. For $10 you can get all three. That wouldn’t be the worst decision you’ve ever made.

Others: We need a return trip to try one or all of the following: Truffle parm fries ($5), fried pork belly slider with apple chutney and spiced honey spread ($4.50), and the duck fat coated fries with duck confit ($4).

Social stuff: Track them down on Twitter @mattsfoodtruck or on Facebook at “MATT’s Food Truck.” They also keep a detailed calendar at