Philadelphia: Trouble for Dapper Dog Food Cart

By Chris Lipczynski |

A little while back I wrote an article on the most delicious hot dog vendor I have ever patroned. It turned out to be Dapper Dog. But now the hot dog truck from heaven is in a bit of bind: It can’t operate during it’s peak, night-owl hours.

Early this week, the hot dog cart was approached by Philadelphia police officers and told that it was operating against regulations. Apparently, it is unlawful to operate a food truck between 12 am and 7 am which is a total bummer (dude).

The owners of Dapper Dog have been running their stand for almost a year without incident which makes this news even more infuriating. No word yet on the future of Dapper Dog. But something tells me they’ll be ok as long as they keep making the BEST HOT DOG EVER.

Please help to support Dapper Dog and try to get their clutch hours re-instated, contact Frank DiCiccio at (215) 686-3458 or and let him know your opinion on the matter.