Philly, PA: Perfectly Competitive Food Trucks

By | DPG Online

Last month, the new york chicken ‘n rice truck popped up outside the library, directly across the street from the new york gyro truck. It offered the same menu at the same prices. $3 for a gyro, or $5 for a rice and salad platter and drink, with chicken, lamb or a combination. For economics majors, this is a dream situation. Nearly identical products that are part of the more exotic trend in lunch trucking. It will be fascinating to see how this rivalry plays out.

I’ve tried out both of the trucks. The NY chicken ‘n rice truck offers larger portions, but the NY gyro truck offers fresher bread. The NY gyro truck has a dedicated following that it’s built up over the last 5 months that helps solidify its lead. It also offers chickpeas and falafel for the vegetarians, a massive market at Drexel. Until NY chicken ‘n rice  offers vegetarian options, they’ll continue to lag behind.

Although both trucks are franchised, the owners have complete control over their selection, preparation and promotions. If they so desire, they’ll be able to play the business game, wrestling customers across the street.

Personally, I’m secretly hoping this turns into a real life West Bank Story.