Philly: Strada Pasta Hits Streets Soon

By Jessica Leung |

Some of us caught a glimpse/bite of Strada Pasta at the recent Chinatown Night Market, where Andrew Gerson dispensed butter squash/gorgonzola lasagna and homemade bolognese. So where’s the mobile pasta operator right now? Gerson, whose mission is to “showcase Philly’s bounty of local ingredients through gourmet fresh pasta delicacies,” is in the process of purchasing a truck and hopes to be haunting LOVE Park soon.

In the meantime, the 29-year-old chef, a kitchen vet of White Dog and Cuba who recently returned from studying at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, is staying busy with a few projects, including setting up a communal food-truck commissary, establishing “alternative eating spots” (taking vacant lots and renting/borrowing them for pop-up events) and creating a general food truck association. For now, we can only pine after the tagliatelle and gnocchi Gerson will be rolling out, but follow Strada on Twitter for updates.