Phoenix, AZ: Food Trucks Go to the Dogs! Truck Serves up Mobile Cuisine for Canines

By Tami Hoey |


PHOENIX  — Food trucks are big business these days. And Friday, a new one rolled into town. But make no bones about it, this truck is for dogs only!

Chef Michael’s Food Truck for Dogs is touring the nation, offering up canine cuisine to our four-legged friends all around the country.

On Friday’s Good Morning Arizona, Javier Soto talked to Aaron Methvin about the creative concept. “In 2012, they recognized that dogs are under-served at the curb,” he tells us. “So we launched the Chef Michael’s Food Truck for Dogs so that canines can enjoy a meal with their owners at different food truck stops along the way.”

Methvin tells us that the venture has been successful because so many folks who go to food truck events like to bring their dogs with them. “It’s been awesome for us to provide a well-rounded meal for their dog, while they’re there also enjoying the food trucks.”

Oh, it’s a “ruff” life for these hungry hounds. They can choose from doggie delicacies like oven roasted chicken and grilled sirloin flavors. The meals also contain real meat as the main ingredient. “It’s got the tender kibble in there, along with the crunchy kibble,” Methvin says.


The truck will be at the Gilbert Farmers Market Saturday from 8 am to noon.

And hands down, er, paws down, this is one food truck your pooch won’t want to miss!