Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix’s French Fried Food Truck, Frites Street

By Michael Kaminsky  |  Infinite Legroom

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What do you get when two longtime friends with substantial experience in the music and restaurant industries decide to open a food truck specializing in gourmet french fries? Welcome to Frites Street. The brainchild of young business owners, Braden Jones and Philip “Flip” Isard, the duo spent six months in the kitchen perfecting their “carefully crafted Belgian frites,” before finally sharing them with the world in March. Frites Street’s final process takes “12 hours from the time they’re whole spuds to golden brown and delicious,” but only a 4 minute wait from ordering to devouring. And these frites are a sure-fired favorite for all, catering to carnivores, vegans, and gluten-free diets alike.

At Frites Street, everything is scratch made. From the local produce (pickled vegetables) and fresh proteins (braised meats), down to every sauce served. Nothing is out of a jar and nothing is out of a can. These are truly some gourmet, labor intensive french fries. “Each cone of pommes frites represents the hours of time it takes to prepare the perfect, crispy on the outside, tender in the center french fry.” Frites Street takes pride in serving high-end food out of a pretty food truck. To quote co-founder Flip Isard, “This ain’t no roach coach.”

Looking to fill the void as the American equivalent to a British chips shop, Frites Street up the ante with their eclectic variety of french fried heaven. The most popular item is the Duck Confit Poutine ($11), topped with local Arizona smoked cheese curds and Canadian-style brown sherry gravy. Other mouth-watering options include Carne Asada Frites ($11) with roasted tomatillo salsa, fresh pico and local cotija cheese; Steak au Poivre Frites ($11) with brandy peppercorn sauce; Vegan Black Bean Soyrizo Chili Cheese Frites ($10) with vegan cheddar cheese; and classic Cheese Frites ($8) with Hatch green chili cheddar cheese or bacon blue cheese bechamel. Additional scratch made sauces include roasted onion aioli, chili lime aioli, jalapeno ketchup, stout honey mustard, and several others.


Isard and Jones have also been known to set up shop at farmers markets where they’ll cook up whatever’s fresh for the day. Popular brunch items of theirs vary from Chorizo Breakfast Frites Tacos and Frites Burritos with Sausage or Chorizo, to Sausage Gravy with a Sunny Side Egg Frites, Bacon & Sunny Egg Frites, or even a Full English Breakfast. Other locations you can catch the custom-painted truck at include local breweries, bars, food truck roundups, music concerts and festivals. Isard, a former roadie for several prominent rock groups, has used his masterful customer-service and networking skills to build Frites Street’s reputation seemingly overnight. “Yesterday at Warped Tour we sold more than most main stage bands did… in french fries!”

Considering it’s currently 110-degrees in Phoenix, night gigs are the truck’s current bread and butter. But that hasn’t seemed to affect the business from serving the greater Phoenix area over the past three months. As expected, the drunken late night crowd are big fans of carne asada fries, and at family friendly functions both young and old can’t deny the power of the perfectly fried potato.

Frites Street can be reserved for private parties too, but make sure to book in advance as word is rapidly spreading about the spud superstars. “It’s already being received so well, we don’t want to jinx it — but we’re definitely doing something right. So we gotta just keep going,” said Isard. “We bought a truck and just went for it… And now we’re turning potatoes into dollars.”


While it might not be reinventing the wheel, Isard and Jones have definitely stumbled onto something. Think about it — no matter where you are in the world, everyone loves french fries! And the fries at Frites Street are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Judge for yourself when you’re in Phoenix. And we’ll see you next time… on Frites Street.

Frites Street
Phoenix, Arizona
(602) 363-0121