Phoenix Gets Its First Cupcake Food Truck, Because Cupcakes . . . and Food Trucks

Sweet Jonez Cupcakes

By Laura Hahnefeld | Phoenix New Times

Sweet Jonez Cupcakes

Though the answer, “Well, duh,” may be the automatic reply to the announcement that the Phoenix area officially has its first mobile cupcake food truck, surprisingly enough, one hasn’t existed before now.

Launched in January, Sweet Jonez Rocking Cupcakes joined the Phoenix Street Food Coalition at the end of May, which means this sweet mobile ride, with over 100 flavors, including “extreme” and cocktail cupcakes,will be at a food truck event near you in the future.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

Look for boozy cupcake flavors like rum cocktail and chocolate vodka raspberry as well musician-inspired creations such as the popular red velvet “Tina Turner,” the “Chuck Berry” made with fresh strawberries, and the “Aretha Franklin” because, “you have to R-E-S-P-E-C-T a double chocolate cupcake topped with Hershey’s chocolate.”

The Sweet Jonez Rocking Cupcakes food truck first debuted at the Phoenix Pride Festival and is available for catering, events, and delivery.

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