Photo Essay: Orlando Food Trucks

By Diana Ogilvie |

Diane Ogilvie, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

The food truck craze has hit Orlando.  Every weekend, gourmet food trucks gather and set up shop in different neighborhoods and residents are delighted.  This past weekend, the trucks parked in Avalon Park and I went on my virgin voyage to try out affordable gourmet dishes.  The air was cool and moist and the clouds were steel gray and hung low over the park.  The imminent threat of rain didn’t dampen anyone’s moods.  Kids were playing frisbee and soccer, whilst seasoned food truck connoisseurs lounged in there own chairs basking in the breeze.

Food trucks are a fun and convenient way for chefs to deliver creative and innovative food to people.  There’s no pretentiousness when you’re balancing a plate of  food in the palm of your hand while sitting on the sidewalk.  Prices at the Orlando Food Truck Bazaars range from $1.00 -$10.00.  It’s convenient for patrons to sample a variety of cuisines that they would otherwise pay quadruple the price in any restaurant.

Korean BBQ Tacos was the first truck I saw and had the longest lines in the park. 

Patrons sampling food. 

The Brisket Bus, another popular truck. 

Kids playing games on the fields. 

Hand made crepes. 

Little boy enjoying his chicken quesedilla. 

Jerk pork with habanero BBQ sauce from CK Gourmet Jerk Shack 

The Big Wheel Food Truck serving up avocado stuffed with lump crab meat and sticky rice with Momofuku vinaigrette.