Pictou County, CAN: Pictou County food truck fees challenged by operator

By CBS News Reporter  |  CBS News

There’s a battle brewincorey-christopherg in Pictou County over food trucks.

An operator who runs a food truck within the county says he can’t afford the fees he needs to pay to operate in the town of Pictou. But at least one restaurant owner says the fee should be increased even more to keep food trucks out of the town.

Food truck owner Corey Christopher works across Pictou County and would like to make the town of Pictou one of his regular spots. But he says he can’t afford the town’s $275 weekly fee.


“With respect to the other towns in the area, Stellarton is $25 for the year; Westville, there is no fee they just want me to show up and set up shop; and New Glasgow is $100 for the year, which is reasonable,” he says.

Christopher says he’s been getting lots of people asking him when he’ll be operating in Pictou.