Point-Of-Sale for Food Trucks – The Bottom Line

By Dougal Smith | MobileFoodNews.com

In recent years the point of sale industry has helped restaurateurs, big and small, maximize profits, increase efficiency and promote customer loyalty. With the stronger, faster, smaller computers and network options on the market today, an opportunity exists for the mobile food market to take advantage of these benefits as well.

What are the benefits to investing in a POS system? The answer to this is a long one. Let’s highlight a few. Reporting, speed of service and control over theft and error are three areas an operator will see a quick return on investment.

Comprehensive reporting allows the operator to see exactly what is selling, when it is selling and to whom it is selling to. Experience shows that customers are creatures of habit. The Thursday lunch crowd will be different from the Wednesday lunch crowd. That same Thursday lunch crowd though will be very similar to next Thursday’s lunch crowd. Knowing this is a major benefit as it will cut down on wastage and extra inventory. Ordering supplies when you know they will be needed. It also allows for effective promotions that can be scheduled to automatically occur within the POS system based on your business trends.  Reporting can also help recognize employee theft problems and hourly sales trends.

Increasing the speed of order taking is where we see a little goes along way. If you currently move 30 people through the line at peak time and you knock 15 seconds off each order time you added 7.5 people in an hour. What’s your average check? 7.5 x average check = increased sales.

Reducing mistakes with forced questions and combo detection is another area you will discover savings. It is similar to having a script in front of your staff alerting them to ask the right questions. POS systems, if properly programmed, guide staff through the order process, ensuring items are not forgotten, and up-selling opportunities have been taken advantage of. A record of all voids or discounts is kept in a file log alerting owners to un-authorized activity or unexplained patterns developing.

Reducing theft or the opportunity to steal is of paramount importance. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates 75% of all employees will steal from their employer once. Half of this number will steal multiple times. By limiting access to critical areas in the POS and reviewing pos activity logs, owners have the tools to fight this costly trend.

The list of benefits goes on to include scalability for growing your business, on-line access to your trucks and the advent of mobile apps and social media loyalty add more and more to your bottom line.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, perhaps a look into the Point of Sale market is right for you.