Portland: Burgerville Uses Mobile Kitchen During Remodel

By Alex Paul | DemocratHerald.com

Brent Lounsbury and Colton Simpson of Yoncalla were on their way to Seattle on Monday afternoon, but made a quick pitstop at the Albany Burgerville drive-through at 2310 Santiam Highway.

It didn’t bother them that their food was going to be prepared in an 18-foot-long mobile kitchen parked at the rear of the parking lot — in fact, they got a kick out of it.

“It was perfect,” Simpson said. “It didn’t slow us down a bit.”

The local Burgerville’s business has grown so much that the grill area needed enlarging, restaurant manager Donald Holt said.

“It’s wonderful and exciting to see we’re able to still serve our guests while the kitchen is being remodeled,” Holt said.

The restaurant employs 30 people.

Mick Sebourn runs the Burgerville at the Convention Center in Portland. He also manages the company’s mobile kitchen, known as the Nomad, that’s usually reserved for promotions and other special events.

“There are a few things we aren’t offering on the menu,” Sebourn said. “We aren’t preparing fish or chicken, to avoid any cross contamination. We don’t have a soda fountain, so we are providing canned sodas. We do have a shake machine and french fryer up and running.”

Sebourn said the temporary drive-through menu offers burgers, salads and turkey club sandwiches among many other Burgerville staples.

Remodeling began Sunday night, and Sebourn said it should be completed on Thursday.

Burgerville employs 1,500 people at 39 restaurants in Oregon and Washington and is celebrating its 50th anniversary.