Providence: Mama Kim’s Food Truck Comes to Brown

by Larry Au |

If you’ve walked by the SciLi in the past couple of days, you may have caught a whiff of the mouth-watering aroma coming from Thayer Street’s newest addition: Mama Kim’s Korean BBQ food truck.

Lines of students greeted Mama Kim’s last Friday on opening day, so much so that they emptied the truck of all the food it had stocked up for the weekend. After re-opening on Monday, the truck’s menu offers a wide variety of traditional and contemporary dishes, such as bulgogi (marinated beef), seafood pajun (scallion pancakes), spicy pork wraps and sliders. The truck also offers vegan options, such as kimchi pajun and yuba (marinated tofu) rice.

Run by Mama Sook Kim and son Hyun ’01, the truck’s website boasts of using locally grown produce and meats. So far, the response to Mama Kim’s has been predominantly positive, with many noting the lack of other Korean restaurants around Brown.

Mama Kim’s can be found on the corner of Waterman and Brook or outside of Barus and Holley during lunch and around the corner of Thayer and Waterman, outside MacMillan, for dinner. The truck also operates late night, but posts its location via Twitter and Facebook.

And with that, Mama Kim’s gets the award for being the most social media savvy food truck.