Providence, RI: 25 Food Trucks on our List, But They Aren’t All Piping Up

By Sheila Lennon | Providence Journal

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Providence Food Trucks is the easy way to see the full version of the Providence Food Trucks Twitter feed on the sidebar at right. You can also view it at Twitter (it’s a Twitter list), as Food Trucks, Road food in Providence.

They Tweet where they’re setting up shop, some several times daily — every time they move — others just on weekends or at special events.

We’re up to 21 25 food trucks, although two haven’t posted this year. They may be back as the weather warms, so we won’t give up on them.

Lotus Pepper (Thanks to Viet Le and Suzie Metivier for telling us about this Vietnamese food truck.)

PORTU-GALO (Thanks to Cassandra Duarte for the tip about this Portuguese food truck.)

Noble Knots (Thanks to Kimberley Nelson for telling us about them.)

Like No Udder

PVD Pudding Pops

plouf gastronomie

Rocket Street Food

Chez Pascal/ Truck




Poco Loco Tacos

Mijos Tacos

Mama Kim’s

Flour Girls Baking

Championship Melt


The Coffee Guy


Panino Express



Haven’t posted this year:

Little Billy’s

Jevon Chan

Know of others? Please tell me!

One off:
I’ve tracked Where is Radish? for a long time, but they seem to tell you where they were after they’ve left, or, as with their most current tweet, make announcements that don’t fit the trucks’ tradition of using twitter to broadcast their location in realtime: “This summer we will be delivering empanadas to local businesses & offices. Contact for more info!”

If they want to tell us where they’re going to be, I’d love to add them to the feed.