Sacramento, CA: Restaurant Owners Meet About Food Trucks

Sacramento Councilman Steve Cohn


Sacramento Councilman Steve Cohn

Sacramento City Council May Loosen Restrictions On Mobile Food Trucks

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento Councilman Steve Cohn held a private meeting Wednesday afternoon with restaurant owners to discuss possible changes to the city’s current restrictions on mobile food trucks.

Mobile food truck representatives said they were initially invited to participate but were later uninvited.

Food truck owners asked the city to reconsider rules limiting when they can operate and how long long they can park in one location.

Their request followed the first food truck festival, which attracted nearly 10,000 people to downtown Sacramento.

During that festival, food truck owners gathered 3,500 signatures asking for the current city ordinance to be amended.

Certain longtime restaurant owners have expressed concerns about relaxing the current restrictions on these mobile vendors.

Cohn said Wednesday’s meeting is ahead of a larger public meeting that will take place next month between restaurant owners and food truck vendors.