Sacramento: MoFo, Revisited

by Undercover Caterer

So, unless you live out of town (you’re forgiven), somehow haven’t seen the news or you just live under a rock, SactoMoFo was a huge raging success. Too much so, I’d even say.  But even that’s a good thing, if it opens the Sacramento City Council and Mayor’s eyes to what could be a win/win for the city and it’s residents.

Food on wheels is not a crime 

C’mon guys, look at the ordinance.  It’s ridiculous and unreasonable.  It is clearly designed to prohibit any mobile food—not just limit it.  I think any reasonable person would agree that free reign is uneccessary but certainly a revision is warranted.

Who what where when. Even more vendors would’ve been great. 

And just think of the tax dollars!  Sales tax.  Permits.  Vendors have to rent commercial space.  That is money back in the city’s coffers.

Curry Up Now! I really wanted to try this one. 

And yes, I was there, amongst the hordes of people, hungry…no, HUNGRY….like I’m going to get really cranky kind of HUNGRY.  And you all have to know that the UC doesn’t like crowds.  I mean, I’m a BLOGGER for cryin’ out loud.  I’m much more comfortable either in the kitchen or chatting behind the computer screen.

Drewki’s Hot Rod, based right here in Sac. 

So I split.

Spencer on the Go. Based out of SF, and featured on The Great Food Truck Race that was on the Food Network. I’ve had their food–j’adore the escargot lollipops and the braised lamb cheek sandwich. 

I’m sad that I didn’t get to try any of the fare that was on offer.  But I’m happy that it was so crazy busy.

Chairman Bao! I love this cute truck. From SF. 

So hey there–all you people in charge….Change the ordinance.  Fix this.  I need my fix of mobile food too, and it can’t just be once a flippin’ year when we have a food festival.

MOBSCENE! This is one line, and only about half of it.